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Payments and Cash Management


Greater China Remittance

To meet with your increasing need in efficient funds within the Greater China region, HSBC has launched the Same-day Remittance service, on both outward and inward payments, for corporate customers in Macau. Please click here for details.


Integrated Receivables Solutions

At HSBC, we understand how important accounts receivables management is to your business cycle. The faster you convert receivables into cash, the more control you have over your cash flow and working capital management.  Choose from any of our great solutions below:

Alliance Counter Services
Inward Remittances
Cash and Cheque pick up


Integrated Payment Solutions

To help you to have effective control of your accounts payable process to improve efficiency, enhance productivity and optimise your working capital management, HSBC with our comprehensive group office and correspondent bank network delivers sophisticated payments solutions to help orchestrate your payments to perfection.

Outward Remittances
Local Interbank Funds Transfer Service
Cheque Outsourcing Service
Standing Instruction

Integrated Liquidity Solutions

We recognise that an efficient and flexible liquidity management structure is essential to optimising your working capital and managing risk.  We offer unmatched visibility and control over your liquidity positions no matter at a local, regional or global level.

Cash Concentration Services
Account Services

Integrated Delivery Channels

Our fully integrated delivery channels are designed to meet your needs for efficiency, convenience, customisation and security.  No matter what the size of your business, our unique and innovative use of technology delivers world-class cash management at your command.


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