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Payments and Transfers

HSBC's payment and transfer services  Safe and convenient



What are Transfers?

Complete a fund transfer directly to any account in a few simple clicks. Our transfer services offer you simple and easy transfer capabilities within Macau and around the world.

Who does it suit?

Customers who would like to place transfers in their own time, in the privacy of their own home or office.


Save the hassle of mailing a cheques or carrying large quantities of cash

Place forward-dated transfers up to 45 days in advance

Create templates for even simpler transfers

Place Transfers online to enjoy lower fees than in the branch


What is autoPay?

Autopay is an instruction that allows the regular transfer of funds from your specified HSBC account to designated third party.

Who does it suit?

Customers who would like to alleviate the worry of regular payments, by setting up automatic payments from their HSBC account.


Payments to specified third parties on a regular basis

Large recipient selection to choose from

Flexibility to modify instructions

Unlimited number of instructions are possible, so you can set-up as many as you would like