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Internet Banking

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Internet Banking

Simple registration process to enjoy the ease and convenience of HSBC Internet Banking


HSBC's Internet Banking provides you with a comprehensive range of services:

I.     Account
       ‧ Open new account
       ‧ Open new term deposit
       ‧ Update maturity instruction
       ‧ Net worth statement

II.    Transfer
       ‧ Make a transfer
       ‧ Saved transfer
       ‧ Transfer history
       ‧ Future transfer

III.   Rate Enquiry
       ‧ Interest rate enquiry
       ‧ Currency calculator

IV.  Services
       ‧ Update personal information
       ‧ Update correspondence address
       ‧ Request replacement PIN
       ‧ Stop cheque
       ‧ Order cheque book
       ‧ Select account
       ‧ Rename account
       ‧ Change Internet Banking limits
       ‧ Temporary increase in credit card limit
       ‧ Change password

V.   Statements / Advices
       ‧ e-Statement
       ‧ e-Statement / e-Advice request
       ‧ Interim statement request
       ‧ Previous statement request

VI.   Alert Services
       ‧ Set up new alert
       ‧ Change alert

VII.  Contact Centre
       ‧ Read message
       ‧ Send message
       ‧ Request brochure
       ‧ Request contact
       ‧ Report lost / stolen credit card
       ‧ Contact us


To know more about HSBC's Internet Banking, please view our demo for register or logon.