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HSBC's renminbi services helps you grasp investment opportunities in mainland China

Renminbi Services

As economic links between the Mainland and Macau continue to grow rapidly, HSBC has launched a comprehensive renminbi (RMB) financial management service to cater to your needs. Leveraging on our branch network in Macau and major cities in the Mainland, our service allows you to manage your wealth more easily, and enjoy financial advantages

Benefits and services


  • Deposit RMB directly into your account in Macau through our RMB savings service, and withdraw RMB from your account without hassle
  • Time deposit service provides the choice of service that best suits your needs
  • Deposit or transfer RMB at any HSBC branch in Macau


  • Convert your RMB to MOP and vice versa, to suit your needs


  • Remit RMB from your RMB savings account with HSBC in Macau to your RMB account under the same name in the Mainland China, the maximum daily limit is RMB 80,000.
    If you need to make remittances on a regular basis, you can set up standing instructions at any HSBC branch in Macau. We will remit the amount regularly according to your instructions, saving you time and trouble


  • RMB deposit service is only applicable to Macau residence including ID card holder of Macau permanent ID card, Macau non-permanent ID card, Non-resident Worker’s Identification Card, or ID card holder with authorization to stay.
  • All customers can open a RMB savings account at any HSBC branch in Macau. Each customer can open one RMB savings account only (including both sole and joint accounts). 
  • Renminbi time deposit account must be opened with a renminbi savings account under the same name and account number. All renminbi time deposit or withdrawal transactions must be made through the corresponding renminbi savings account.
  • RMB notes deposit and withdrawal service accepts RMB notes with RMB50 denomination or above only
  • The account name of your beneficiary account in Mainland China must be identical with your HSBC (Macau branch) RMB savings account, including joint accounts. RMB funds that have been remitted to your RMB account under the same name in Mainland China 
  • A customer's daily outward remittance amount may be checked by the RMB clearing bank

Important Information

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